2015 Annual Report

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Allard Castelein

CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority

“A 100th anniversary is a fantastic milestone which invites us to look far ahead into the future. The Schiphol and Rotterdam Mainports currently account for around 8% of the country’s GDP and generate around 500,000 jobs in total. If the Mainports are to keep making such a significant contribution to the prosperity of the Netherlands over the next 100 or even 25 years, we must keep on investing and innovating. This is the only way to stay ahead of our international competitors. We must ensure that we remain the most attractive hub for our customers, lead the way in service, offer outstanding value for money, provide exceptional ease of use for passengers and crews and give top priority to security and safety.

Our ambition as Mainports must be to lead the way in all these fields, but I feel that two aspects truly stand out: sustainability and support. We must be pioneers when it comes to increasing the sustainability of our Mainports. Not only does this mean ensuring that our own activities have a minimal ecological footprint, but also encouraging our maritime and aviation customers to reduce their own environmental burden. Reducing the environmental burden is important for creating support among the general public and within the local community. A positive image and support for the development of Schiphol and the port of Rotterdam are essential for our continued growth. If the Dutch people, and above all the local community, view us positively, this will go a long way towards achieving our ambitions. Our task is to ensure that our communities are and remain proud of us and of what we are doing.

I wish Schiphol every success over the next 100 years.”