2015 Annual Report

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Hans Alders

Chairman of the Schiphol Community Council

Multiple connections

“Schiphol has a public function. It provides the Netherlands with a hub for intercontinental connections. The key quality of a sustainable Schiphol is connecting. The future resilience and quality of this network demands constant maintenance of connections:

1. The network of connections is supported by the operation of the hub, which forms the basis for the continuity and quality of the connections. Recognition of this requires an effective and open selectivity policy for the allocation of the scarce capacity.
2. The continuity and quality of the network of connections also requires connection within the aviation chain of hub carrier, airport and air traffic control. Collaboration within the chain is a prerequisite for being able to offer excellent service at a competitive price.
3. The network of connections is an important cornerstone of The Nertherlands’ position as competitive business location and employer. Exploiting the positive effects of connections is a societal responsibility. Connections to national and international business, travellers, and local and national authorities are essential.
4. Last but not least, the quality and future resilience of Schiphol as an international hub are determined by the relationship with its neighbours: the people who live in the area surrounding Schiphol, both now and in the future. The connection with these neighbours – regional authorities and residents’ organisations – contributes significantly to our ‘licence to operate’.

There can be no (sustainable) Schiphol without sustainable connection. I wish Schiphol outstanding connectivity over the next 100 years.”