2015 Annual Report

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HRH Prince Carlos of Bourbon Parma

Director of the Institute for Sustainable Innovation & Development INSID

“For foreign visitors, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol provides the first experience of the Netherlands. And for the Dutch, it is a gateway to the rest of the world on the one hand and a ‘welcome home’ on the other. In this context, the airport’s sustainability ambitions serve a dual purpose: they illustrate both internationally and nationally the choices which the Netherlands has made in favour of a sustainable, circular economy and society. The most important element needed to realise these ambitions is collaboration. More than ever before, true progress and innovation can only be achieved through extensive collaboration between businesses, authorities and social organisations.

To prepare for a presentation on the circular economy, I recently found myself leafing through a pile of old magazines. My eye was drawn to a wonderful series of photos of Schiphol from the early 1950s. With these images still fresh in my mind, it is hugely impressive to look at the Schiphol of 2016. In order for an airport to develop in such a rapid and spectacular way, a well considered vision is indispensable. The fact that the circular economy forms a main cornerstone of that vision today reflects a healthy and ambitious sense of entrepreneurship. This choice also involves certain challenges, but I am convinced that, with a dedicated focus, the path taken will lead to further success.”