2015 Annual Report

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Roger van Boxtel

CEO of Dutch Railways

“Every day, almost 70,000 people travel by train to and from Schiphol and their number is growing. Good accessibility is crucial for the competitive position of the airport and the economy of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and the Netherlands. Because of the number of passengers and its strategic location within our network, Schiphol Station is in the NS top 10. We attache great value to making the airport future-proof and to serving all train passengers with their varying needs. For this reason, NS is working to expand the railway station in close collaboration with Schiphol and its other regional partners, such as the municipality of Amsterdam. This will allow us to accommodate the growing number of passengers and improve service.

Schiphol is very different from other railways stations. Nowhere else do fewer people live in the immediate vicinity of the station, nowhere else is the number of tourists higher and no other station brings together more nationalities. This places many demands on the travel information, employees and services. As a result, NS and Schiphol need each other to keep this important economic engine running smoothly.

All kinds of people also come together at Schiphol Plaza: from train passengers to holidaymakers and from taxi users to shoppers and Schiphol workers. In 2015, the airport and NS held intensive discussions on how to prepare Schiphol Plaza for the future, thereby finishing 2015 on a positive note for the years ahead.”