2015 Annual Report

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Theo Weterings

Mayor of Haarlemmermeer

“A strong airport needs a strong region. The main building block for a sustainable future, therefore, is the relationship with the environment. Schiphol is an airport which, in collaboration with its regional partners, develops innovative and pioneering initivatives in the fields of home, work, life and leisure – all centred around an international infrastructure hub.

Creating a distinctive profile in terms of socio economic, spatial and infrastructural aspects is essential for an airport region that aims to retain its leading position in the world. It is important to be and remain receptive to ideas, to new interventions, to views within society at large and from local residents and businesses. Make sure that the airport reflects pride and innovation in all its activities and assets, as a welcoming gateway to the rest of Europe. From this spot you’re in front of Rembrandt’s Night Watch in twenty minutes, after landing in a quintessentially Dutch polder that was drained using 19th century steam power. Make sure that everyone has reason to be and remain immensely proud of this dynamic epicentre in the heart of the Randstad conurbation.”