2015 Annual Report

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Ton Heerts

Chairman of Trade Union Confederation FNV

“Investing in sustainable fuels, reducing emissions and improving technology will all help to ensure Schiphol’s sustainable future. However, creating sustainable employment is one of the most important building blocks of this future. Competition on the basis of terms of employment and working conditions will lead to a race to the bottom that will also eventually cause the quality of work to suffer. It is important to invest in sustainable employment relationships, in real jobs which offer sufficient security, quality and purchasing power, appreciation, a decent income and equal pay for equal work.

At Schiphol, the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV) is represented in various sectors such as flight handling, baggage handling, cleaning and security. Schiphol is also one of the largest contractors of services in the region. The FNV would like Schiphol to promote solid collective labour agreements in each of these sectors. This will avoid a division in the employment market between employees with permanent contracts and the requisite level of security on the one hand and a rapidly growing group with flexible contracts and far less security on the other.

In its commissioning role, we are encouraging Schiphol to contribute to the creation of a sustainable employment market with more real jobs and to stop exclusion and further flexibility in the employment market.”