2015 Annual Report

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2015 Management Agenda

The Supervisory Board determines the Management Agenda, which forms the basis for concrete and more detailed targets. Evaluation of the management agenda and associated targets is used to determine the variable remuneration. More information can be found in the section on Remuneration.

In 2015 we fully achieved six of the ten objectives on the Management Agenda. These objectives entailed improving the competitive position of the Mainport, intensifying stakeholder management, maintaining our solid financial position, completing the organisational transition and achieving further efficiency improvements. We partially achieved the result envisaged for the Master Plan. The investment decision on Area A will be taken in early 2016. Partly in response to the wishes of Schiphol users, implementation of the project will be phased, which required additional preparation time.

The operational transition to central security took place as scheduled on 3 June, even though not all construction had been completed, thereby setting a new standard for security as a service. Due to the delayed completion of Departure Lounge 2, we were unable to increase non-aviation income from retail activities. However, new lessees for The Base and Avioport and completion of the Hilton Hotel did result in additional non-aviation income. Once again we achieved various results in the area of Corporate Responsibility, such as the 'Aviation Inclusive' programme, an initiative to create more jobs for people with a disability. In addition, Schiphol has retained the highest level (3+) of the Airport Carbon Accreditation Benchmark of sector association ACI. However, internally CR does not always receive the attention it deserves. A number of CR KPIs were not achieved.

2015 Management Agenda

Top Connectivity

Visit Value

Competitive Marketplace

Sustainable Performance

Improve the competitive position of the Mainport, including development of Lelystad Airport and the other regional airports

Continue to implement and develop the Master Plan, including Area A

Continue and intensify stakeholder management

Complete major investment projects with minimal disruption to operations and with specific attention for Corporate Responsibility

Ensure that Schiphol Group maintains its solid financial position

Continue to develop international activities

Achieve the Corporate Responsibility ambitions

Increase income from non-Aviation activities

Complete the organisational transition and achieve further efficiency gains

Focus on leadership, culture and compliance

Target achieved

Target partially achieved

Target not achieved